Mixed-Member Proportional vs First-Past-The-Post Voting in Prince Edward Island

Mixed Member Proportional

I was reading an article in my local newspaper, and I realized how much that I appreciate and consider myself very lucky to live in a free and democratic society. It isn’t uncommon in countries such as Russia and China where governments want to silence views that don’t match that of their own.

Putin is in his third of a maximum two terms (Yeah, you read that right). Electoral reform isn’t just a conversation here on P.E.I., but all over the world. The people will be heard.

I’d like to see mixed-member proportional (MMP) representation replace first-past-the-post (FPTP). Other than being easy to understand, FPTP has so many disadvantages including being unrepresentative of what the people actually want, and can be unknowingly manipulated by tactical voting.

There is an idea (Duverger’s law) that constituencies that use FPTP will lead to two-party systems, given enough time. Wondering why we keep seeing the same two-parties being elected in our elections? That’s FPTP. There ends up being a lot of wasted votes, so our elected officials are actually only receiving a small percentage of the vote. How is that “representative”?

MMP would almost certainly lead to more consistent majority reversals. Diversity in our government is important, and doesn’t lead to more difference. Our, former, minority government was still able to get decisions done because our representatives are able to put aside indifference and make decisions those that they represent.

Wow… That article really got me thinking. 😅

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