How To Get Every Android App for Free by Using Google Opinion Rewards

You too, will never have to spend a dime on apps with a little bit of time and a little bit of patience. By completing surveys in the Google Opinion Rewards app, you’ll be able to collect Google Play Store credit (or actual moola if you’re an iOS user) that will be completely usable for everything available in the Play Store including apps, books, movies, and in-app purchases. No more buying Robux for the kids!

So How, Exactly, Does It Work?

Google collects our data. Yeah, sorry to be a downer, but this is one occasion where we can get some value back out of that data. Our Android phones collect location data, search data, and even videos that we watch on YouTube. This data is sent to Google where they use it to provide you with better and more personalized services (except when they don’t, I recommend reviewing the privacy and security on your Google Account every year.)

You’ll be receiving surveys based on that data so an example might be that I receive a survey because my location was set close enough to a Home Depot, and Home Depot contracted with Google to obtain opinions from its customers.

Getting started

installing and setting up google opinion rewards

Step 1

From your mobile device, open the app store and search for Google Opinion Rewards. Install the app once you find it.

Step 2

After installing the app, run it and you’ll be asked to login to your Google account, as well as fill out some basic information. You’ll also want to have Location History turned on in order to take the most advantage of opportunities.

Step 3

Wait for surveys. The app will notify you when you have a survey available. Most of the surveys that I’ve done have come from locations that I’ve visited. So start living your life.


I’ve been using this method to not pay for Android apps for many years now. I’ve earned more than $100 in Play Store credit since I started doing these surveys back in 2016. That’s money that I didn’t have to spend, while providing a little bit of Dopamine for my beautiful brain. Isn’t it satisfying getting to itch that Dopamine scratch without wasting all of your money? It’s a literal two-for-one!

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