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This Is Justin is the home of Cybersecurity professional, DIYer, and family guy, Justin Robinson. This is Justin provides a brain dump of knowledge to its readers related to technology, cybersecurity, home improvement, and DIY. Justin is the literal definition of a jack of a all trades and master of none; he considers himself a generalist of a life. Justin is here to help you get more out of life by providing you with knowledge, resources and how-to on anything any everything.

Justin has ADHD and writes about it over at This is ADHD, for those interested. Even when not moving physically, the gears in his head are always going and hear to provide you with endless ideas for helping you live a happier life.

As a Cybersecurity expert and business owner, Justin advocates for data privacy and supports small and medium organisations by providing security-first technology services including Business Website Hosting, and a number of security assessments.

You’ll get multiple posts each week, Mondays to Fridays, with at least one of which being a How-To or DIY for you continuous learning aficionados. For the rest of the posts you can expect some opinions, some news, and maybe even some straight up cats pics

Welcome to This Is!